Project: Bioinformatic analysis of transcriptome data in age research. (M. Fichtner)

The focus of the project lies on age-related protein damage... (read more)

Project: Molecular processes affected during immunosenescence. (H. Stark, M. Fichtner)

Our society gets older... (read more)


Project: Bioinformatic analysis of the adaptive cellular stress response. (P. Moeller)

We want to investigate the adaptive response... (read more)

Liver metabolism

Project: Modeling the pathogenesis of pericentral steatosis – Influence of oxygen on fat accumulation and production of reactive oxygen species. (J. Schleicher)

We will verify the general mechanisms in the pathogenesis of zonated fat accumulation... (read more)

Project: Modeling the zonation of liver lipid metabolism. (C. Tokarski)

Metabolism of human liver cells differs with respect to the degree of expression of several enzymes... (read more)


Project: Mathematical modelling of host-pathogen interactions. (S. Duehring)

The polymorphic yeast Candida albicans and the filamentous fungus Aspergillus fumigatus are the most important life-threatening human pathogenic fungi... (read more)

Project: Dynamic optimization as a tool to study unicellular organisms. (J. Ewald)

Organisms and their traits are shaped by evolution leading to an optimized metabolism and cell behaviour... (read more)